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    Medicom presents the MAFEX Deadshot Action Figure based on the likeness of Will Smith in the movie Suicide Squad
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  • Out of stock
    The Ant-Man Funko POP! vinyl figure based on the character in the hit superhero movie of the same name. Stands around 9 cm tall and packed in an illustrated window box.
  • Sale!
    Marvel Green Goblin Translucent Glitter with Glider version Funko Pop. A Summer Convention Exclusive. Stands 9cm tall & packed in illustrated window box.
  • Out of stock
    Marvel Venom Funko Pop! vinyl figure. Spider-Man's nemesis comes packed in an illustrated window box with an Underground Toys Exclusive sticker.
  • Limited Edition Yellow Daredevil Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure based on the Marvel comic book character of the same name. Stands approximately 9cm tall.
  • Out of stock
    Detailed 7-inch scale collectible Jareth action figure from McFarlane depicted in his velvet tailcoat from the iconic Ballroom dream sequence.
  • Out of stock
    Mezco Armored Batman One:12 Collective figure, an exclusive to SDCC 2016.
    Mezco Armored Batman One:12 Collective figure. An exclusive to SDCC 2016, featuring a digitally modelled sculpt & over 44 points of articulation.
  • Sale!
    Out of stock
    Mezco Good Guys Chucky Talking Doll with iconic Good Guys outfit and 4 movie-accurate phrases.
    Mezco Good Guys Chucky Talking Doll. Features the iconic Good Guys doll outfit from Child's Play and speaks 4 movie-accurate phrases. A UK exclusive.
  • Out of stock
    Mezco Mortal Kombat X Scorpion 1/6 scale action figure. Featuring nearly a dozen points of articulation, interchangeable hands and deadly weapons.
  • Out of stock
    Mezco Mortal Kombat X Sub-Zero 1/6 scale action figure. Featuring nearly a dozen points of articulation, interchangeable hands and deadly weapons.
  • Sale!
    Out of stock
    Lion-O and Snarf come to the Mezco ThunderCats line. Features 7 points of articulation, superb detail and accessories.
    Mezco ThunderCats Lion-O & Snarf mega-scale action figures. Features 7 points of articulation, plus Claw Shield and Sword Of Omens accessories.
  • Sale!
    Out of stock
    Mezco ThunderCats Tygra is here. Features 9 points of articulation, superb detail and Thundarian Bolo-Whip accessory.
    Mezco ThunderCats Tygra mega-scale action figure. Features 9 points of articulation and comes packaged with the powerful Thundarian Bolo-Whip accessory.
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