Do you deliver abroad?2016-04-20T15:36:46+01:00

Currently we only ship to the UK mainland.

Do you offer a preorder service?2016-08-01T15:39:06+01:00

We offer a preorder service on selected products such as Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles.

Why Pre-Order?

Many items are produced in limited quantities. Pre-Ordering tries to ensure you get one of the limited numbers produced. Most of the time we’re successful in reserving your item. The main time when we may not be successful is if you pre-order after the deadline period.

What is a Pre-Order deadline?

The preorder deadline is the final date that we can place an order with our suppliers and still guarantee the item. Sometimes we will stop pre-orders after this deadline if we know the item is over-sold, otherwise you may still order after pre-order deadline, but we can then not guarantee we can get your item. If we’re unable to fulfil your order come shipment time, we will refund your deposit.

What Does My Pre-Order Deposit Do?

Having received your Pre-Order request, we will place an order with our suppliers for your item. The supplier in turn places the order with the manufacturer who will ensures the item is shipped to the supplier when ready. This means we are liable for the order from that point which is why we charge you a deposit to ensure you’re serious on purchasing the item.

Why are some estimated release dates so far away?

Many manufacturers produce items in line with demand. With the majority of these products hand-painted the manufacturing process, in addition to shipment from overseas, can take considerable time.

What if I change my mind and want to cancel?

Having paid your deposit we will take that as a commitment to purchasing the product and will place an order with our suppliers. As such, should you wish to cancel your Pre-Order you are free to do so, but you will lose that deposit you paid. The reason for this is we will have placed an order for your item and we are liable for that item. We then have to find someone else to buy it.

Are Pre-Orders guaranteed to arrive?

The vast majority of the time, yes. However on occasion it has been known for manufacturers to run into production or licensing problems, leading to release dates being postponed or items being cancelled indefinitely or permanently. Naturally if this happens we will refund your deposit.

My Pre-Order is in stock. What next?

When your pre-ordered item comes into stock we will notify you and you will have 30 days to pay the remaining amount due (Full Price less your deposit) or risk losing your Pre-Order and deposit.

There is an item I want but you don’t seem to stock it2016-04-06T17:06:03+01:00

If there is a particular item that you’re after that you don’t see listed for sale, please contact us and we will let you know whether we will be stocking the product in future or if we can source it direct from the manufacturers for you.

I can only order one of a certain item?2016-10-25T15:43:10+01:00

You can currently only order small quantities of certain items for two reasons:

Having only recently launched, we wanted to offer a wide range to our customers and therefore ordered low quantities of some items. This certainly should not affect you as a customer but if you would like to order higher quantities than we offer presently, please get in touch and we can organise this for you.

Secondly, knowing the collectibles industry as we do, we are well aware there are some buyers who are seeking to buy in bulk simply to sell on for a profit. Whilst there is nothing to stop someone doing this, our preference is to cater for real fans and collectors and afford all a window of opportunity to purchase our items by limiting stock for individual orders.